Lavish Polygon Editor is a set of tools for Polygon Collider 2D that override the default tools to bring you much more flexible and advanced ways to edit your collider polygons.​

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​ Here’s a list of features:

• Advanced collider point editing functionality:
↳ Hold shift to select multiple points.
↳ Move multiple points at a time.
↳ Delete multiple points at a time.
↳ Box (de-)select points.
↳ Double-click a point to select all connected points.
↳ Add points to edges.
↳ Create new point loops and holes.
↳ Hold Shift to snap to an 0.1 unit grid.

• Interactive boolean tools:
↳ The “Knife” tool lets you easily chop a polygon into multiple parts.
↳ The “Brush” tool lets you add/remove regions of a collider by painting.​

• Interactive collider polygon simplification algorithm:
↳ Adjust how many points to remove.
↳ Adjust the preference for removing points from straight lines/short edges.
↳ Simplify a specific selection of the points in a collider polygon.​

• Flip the polygon on the X or Y axis.
• Reset the collider to the SpriteRenderer’s physics shape.
• Apply your collider polygon to the Sprite asset’s physics shape.
• Move the position of the GameObject without moving the points of the polygon in world space.
• Very optimised, works well with large numbers of points.
• Documentation available right in the inspector.